Generosity means we give more than is required.

Goodness is God’s heart towards us.
Gratitude is our response to Him.
At Restoration Church, we believe that while we may not have all that we want, we do have more than we need, and giving is our joyful response to all that God has provided.

Ways to give

Give Online

You can give online using our safe and secure partner company Planning Center Giving. It is simple and easy. You can set up a reoccurring schedule, easily track and adjust your giving, access your giving history, and more.


In Person

You can give in person at our weekend gathering. There are both Digital Giving Kiosks and Offering Boxes at the back of the auditorium.

By Mail

You can give by mailing a check to our church address: 10960 Via Frontera Road, San Diego, CA 92127.

Amazon Smile

You can support Restoration Church every time you shop on amazon by using Amazon Smile at this link to setup Restoration Church as your charity of choice.

Give via Smile

How to Set Up Your Online Giving

You can give once, or set up reoccurring giving safety and securely right here.

Thoughts on Giving

We desire to be a church marked by Generosity. In Proverbs, God’s wisdom tells us that, “the world of the generous gets larger and larger, but the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.”

We believe that Generosity means, “we give more than is required.”

Towards that end, here are some thoughts on giving that represent our understanding of the Scriptures, and the kind of culture we hope to generate here at Restoration Church.


Give first. Save second. Live on the rest. This means put God first. Make giving the #1 priority in your budget every month. This can be simplified greatly by setting up a giving schedule online.

Pick a percentage of your income that you will prioritize to God each month and give it consistently.

As you continue to build trust in God that your needs will be provided for, continue to challenge the percentage of your income you are prioritizing for God. We believe that increasing your generosity is a catalyst for growth in your faith and suggest that you do this at least annually.

This means that we should be prepared to give above and beyond our normal prioritized giving when prompted by the Holy Spirit.


The follow-up question we naturally then receive is, “Ok, but what percentage of my income am I to prioritize?” This is also a fair question.

We suggest that you take three simple steps as you begin your generosity journey:

  1. Gauge your readiness,
  2. Pray and ask God for wisdom,
  3. Obey what He leads you to do.

The Scriptures present the idea of tithing (giving 10%) as a target. This is not a designed to be a hurdle or a finish line, but an exercise in trust. Giving 10% back to God’s work in the world won’t wreck your ability to live, but it will certainly be enough to notice.

If that is too daunting of a starting point, we suggest that you first prioritize at a lower percentage and progress as you continue to gain comfort in God’s provision. If that is not a daunting starting point, we suggest that you follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting for a good starting point.

The bottom line is start somewhere and commit to having a progressive mindset on giving. One of the questions we challenge people with is this: “If everyone at Restoration Church gave the percentage that you gave, would this increase our church’s impact or decrease our church’s impact?”


If you are looking for a resource to explore the topic of giving, we suggest “Fields of Gold,” by Andy Stanley.