Church At Your Place!

As we enter Phase 2 of our Re-Opening at Restoration Church we are excited to introduce HOUSE CHURCHES!

After 4 months of quarantine, we are excited for our church to begin gathering together in homes around our community. This is not only a great way to safely connect with a smaller group of people in our community, but also is a perfect place to invite your friends and neighbors to experience Restoration Church for the first time. Our hope is that we would experience the same transformation and momentum that the first churches did in the Book of Acts as they met in their homes. This is a powerful new expression of our mission of "Empowering All People to Love + Follow Jesus."

If you would like to move our mission forward by hosting an in-person House Church at your home or an Online Watch Parties of our weekend gathering, let us know...

House Church How To's...

You probably have some questions, so we’ve got three words for you to focus on and implement to begin your House Church.

1. People
Who are you inviting to your House Church or Online Watch Party? It could be your neighbors, your Alpha circle, the team you volunteer with, or whoever you want to invite! We deeply value Radical Belonging, and this is the perfect opportunity to invite new friends to experience church. Often the ideal size is 5-10 people depending on the size of your location, but could be a few as 2, and as many as 20.

2. Place
This isn’t just limited to your location, (Which could be your living room, outside in the driveway or backyard, or online via Youtube or Zoom, etc.) but it’s also about the environment that you create. Hospitality is an important part of House Church. If you are meeting in person, drinks, snacks, seating, and a great atmosphere go a long way. If your House Church is Sunday morning, do brunch, if it's Saturday night, then bbq or order pizza. If you are hosting it on a weekday morning, breakfast burritos or donuts really set you up to win.
If you are doing an Online Watch Party, think of a fun icebreaker question to get to know each other, and be sure to visibly model engagement, since others will follow your lead. (This should be more of a party than a "meeting!")

3. Play
There’s a lot of different ways that you can do an House Church. However you set it up, an often overlooked, but incredibly important step is to press play before your guests arrive. Even the most tech-savvy person can get themselves into an unforeseen tech issue! So, our encouragement is to set all of your equipment up and press play beforehand so you can make sure your House Church runs smoothly. Pre-Recorded Gathering videos will be available to download on this page by Saturday morning each week. Be sure to download the video, especially if you are doing an Online Watch Party, so you can share your screen with others, and not take up bandwidth by streaming.

If you have ever had friends over for brunch or to watch a game, or done a Zoom Game night during quarentine, you know how to host a House Church!

House Church Resources

Download the Videos (Full Gathering or Message Online) here.
Availble the Saturday before...
If you have any questions for concerns please email us at [email protected]

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