8 weeks to 5th Grade

JAN. 9, 2022

PRESCHOOL | 3 - 5 Years

This month’s theme is STORY TIME!
Many of us remember a special toy or plush friend from our Toy Box that gave us comfort and companionship when we needed it. It’s part of growing up. We were made to want someone with us, and this month we are going to be learning about the One who is ALWAYS WITH US!

JAN. 9, 2022

ELEMENTARY | K - 5th Grade

This month's theme is REMOTE CONTROL!

We want to teach our kids to trust God no matter what. One way that we demonstrate that we trust God is when we respond with self- control. We can trust that we don’t need to rush in or take matters into our own hands. We can trust that God is working.

Self-control is a Fruit of the Spirit.

As we follow Jesus throughout our lives, the Holy Spirit transforms us and helps us live more like Jesus. We can follow His example and choose to do what we should do—instead of what we want to do. The Holy Spirit can give us the power and wisdom to show self-control.

Partnering With Parents

At Restoration Kids our goal is to share the incredible love of Jesus with every child in a way that they can understand, engage with, and share with others. We are passionate about partnering with you, the parents, as together we empower our kids to love and follow Jesus.

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